Our clients include global and regional banks, international and local funds, and international and local corporations.

Global and Regional Investment Banks

Most foreign investment banks do not have on-the-ground personnel in Vietnam, making it difficult for global and regional investment banks to service the needs of their clients when it comes to Vietnam.

VCP, Vietnam Capital Partners Ltd., works hand-in-hand with these global and regional investment banks to service the needs of the international corporate clients. Our large local team, local expertise and knowledge, combined with our team of international bankers give global and regional banks comfort that we can provide advisory and execution at international standards.

International and Local Funds

Most international funds also lack a presence in Vietnam. VCP provides international funds with the necessary research, analytics, advisory and execution services to successfully navigate and invest in Vietnam.

With local funds, most of the entries and exits are privately negotiated, which requires a traditional private equity approach. Our team of bankers can help source, execute and finance traditional private equity/distressed deals in Vietnam.

Local Corporates and State-Owned Enterprises

The Vietnamese government has urged many SOEs to pursue an equitization process to improve liquidity, economic growth and efficiency in Vietnam.

VCP, Vietnam Capital Partners Ltd., can help local corporates and SOEs to understand and meet the standards and requirements of international investors for a competitive fundraising process to provide the best valuation with:

  • A full on-the-ground team to work with the management of local corporates and SOEs
  • A team with Vietnamese fluency to assist the global bank and the Vietnamese client